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Come join Sarah Jane Curran every week for an exploration of the beer world. Anything and everything in the beer industry is up for discussion. This will be a guest driven show from brewers, importers, distributors, servers, homebrewers, beer writers, and experts. We will explore everything this exciting and eclectic beer world has to offer.

This show records and broadcasts LIVE on Full Service Radio from the lobby of the LINE DC in Adams Morgan, Washington DC.

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    Expanding a Brewery

    Expanding any business is filled with challenges and decisions, expanding a brewery is no exception. Julie Verratti, co-owner, and chief brand officer of Denizens Brewing Co. is in to explain the process of deciding to expand the brewery, things learned in the process and consistency in their brand & culture.

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    Beer Mothers

    In honor of Mother's Day today we tackle the mother of dragons, sorry no, the mother of beer...yeast! Dr. Matt Humbard, a microbiologist, yeast wrangler, and soon-to-be brewery owner comes by to do a deep dive into the wonderful world of yeast.

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    Adventures from BrewExpo America

    Every year the Brewers Association hosts the Craft Brewers Conference. The conference is filled with educational seminars, events, keynote speakers, demonstrations, and countless networking opportunities. On top of all that, there is BrewExpo America, where hundreds of vendors come, from all over the world, to sell and educate the consumer about their products. This ranges from new canning lines to beer slushie technology. Here are a few interviews from the expo floor.

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    Homebrew Champion

    As we close out the circle of our beer judge episodes, today we talk about a recent homebrew competition - how it was organized and who is champion! The winner gets to scale up their recipe at DC Brau and have their beer sold at every Pizza Paradiso location. Every homebrewer’s dream come true.

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    Beer in Buffalo New York

    Recorded at the Craft Brewers Conference in Denver, Colorado, we get to chat with Ethan Cox, president and the main instigator at Community Beer Works in Buffalo, New York. We discuss the flourishing beer scene in western New York, how to get more people drinking craft beer, beer travel, and staying true to your beer brand.

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    Chicago Beer History + Culture

    Join us for a special show with Dr. Brian Alberts and Liz Garibay from the Chicago Beer + Culture Project and The Brewseum. They are in DC to talk beer history, and how beer shapes community and culture. Returning to the show we also have Mike Stein, local beer historian to taste the East Indian Porter he brewed with Bluejacket Brewery and historian, Ron Pattinson.

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    Beer Judge Certification Program

    The Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) was founded in 1985 to "to promote beer literacy and the appreciation of real beer, and to recognize beer tasting and evaluation skills." The approach to gain this certification is very hands on. Ben Hunter, Sales Manager for Denizens Brewing Co. and Certifed Beer Judge explains the process of studying for the certification. We dive into what it's like to judge a beer competition, and how to start judging beer.

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    A New England IPA level of Hops

    How do brewers select hops for their brews? What qualities do they look for in the hops and the production/processing? Listen in for the answers. Alex Barth, CEO of John I. Haaz and a seventh-generation hop producer is our guest. We also get into new flavor research, hazy IPAs, and hop extracts.

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    Beer Lists: How to get people drinking more beer?

    As craft beer continues to grow, the question is, will the bubble burst? Short answer, no, there are so many people that don't drink beer. Sam Nellis, Beverage Director for All-Purpose and Red Hen in DC comes by to chat about what goes into building his list, and how education is the key to growing craft beer enthusiasts. Of course, we get off topic with beer throwdowns, spritzes, orval day, and eggs.

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    Barrel Management

    Adrienne Ballou headed up the barrel and fruit refermination program at Jester King in Austin, TX. Though a classicly trained winemaker, she crossed the bridge into beer making. She has since returned to the wine world in Texas hill country. We get nerdy with her experiences in barrel management. We also stressed the importance of people from both wine and beers worlds to share their knowledge.

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    Maine Beer

    For this week Beer Me is recorded in Portland, Maine - specifically at Maine Beer Co. We chat with their marketing & events manager, Anne Marisic. She discusses what it means to work for a company whose motto is "do what's right" and how that translates to the beer, expansions, and employee care. Part of the new renovation is a space for a sensory evaluation, which sparked a dive into tasting and evaluating beer.

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    Homebrewing Competitions

    History is in the making. Pizza Paradiso, DC Brau, and DC Homebrew Club are joining forces to host a homebrewer competition at the Georgetown location of Pizza Paradiso. The winner will get to brew their beer at DC Brau and have it served at every Pizza Paradiso location (now 5!). Michael Stein of Lost Lagers and Drew McCormick (executive beverage director of Pizza Paradiso) are in the studio to share the inspiration and the technical explanation of this event. We also dive into what it's like to submit your beer to a homebrew competition.

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    Port City Love

    John Gartner of Port City Brewing Company and Bill DeBaun of swing by the studio to talk about our mutual love of Port City. This is a brewery that sometimes gets overlooked for how amazing they are. We get into history, the beers, competition, and new beer releases - the importance of lagers. Also, reminders for the upcoming St. Baldrick's event at Boundary Stone and The Brewer's Ball.

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    Maryland Brewing History

    Maureen O'Pray recently published a book "Beer in Maryland: A History of Breweries Since Colonial Times" and she comes by to take us through that history. We covered Maryland's first brewers, the industrial age, prohibition, and immigration. Through her research, she has uncovered some amazing stories and captured the human quality of this story.

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    Brewery Support

    Leah Cheston, co-owner/founder of Right Proper Brewing Co. in Washington, DC, comes by to chat about the importance of brewery owners coming together. She is the VP & Treasurer of the DC Brewers Guild (a non-profit trade organization that supports DC Brewers). She is also one of the newest members of the Brewers Association board of directors (another non-profit trade organization advocating for brewery owner rights). The beer world is a supportive community, and Leah explains how that happens and why it is so important.

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    Government Shutdown & Beer: Twitter Edition

    The partial government shutdown includes the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB). This is highly problematic for breweries as they need to get label and formula approval for new beers from the TTB. Not to mention make tax payments and file other operation reports. Prairie Artisan Ales out of Oklahoma tweeted about this on January 6th - and as you would imagine, got a deluge of varying responses. Wade and Cody from Prarie call in to talk about the shutdown and managing social media for a brewery.

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    A Day of Firsts

    To kick off the season, and the year, we are celebrating diversity in beer, community, and firsts. Beer historian and author, Micheal Stein, is welcomed back on the show to talk about DC brewery firsts - including DC's first female-owned brewery, first 100% gay-owned brewery, and first African American-owned brewery. Thankfully, diversity is growing in craft beer, let's keep it going.

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    The Festival 2018, presented by Shelton Brothers

    In October we got the chance to cover this small, but mighty beer festival in Denver. Shelton Brothers Importers throws this festival every year, and in their words: "You’d have to spend months and countless dollars for a chance to meet this many world-class brewers." Listen in to hear a collection of interviews with brewers from Scotland, Canada, US, Tasmania, Germany, Belgium, Mexico, England, Switzerland, and Jordan.

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    Beer Me, Bro

    Sarah Jane gathers some of her favorite people to drink beer and talk beer. Abit of a departure from our normal show, but we manage to cover growth in the industry, local beer, beer with adjuncts, collecting beer, contract brewing, and sample some pretty great brews.

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    Resilience IPA

    Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. recently brewed Resilience ""Butte County Proud"" IPA, all profits from this beer will go to assist the victims of the Camp Fire in Northern California. Sierra Nevada put out a call for breweries around the country to do the same, making donated ingredients and the recipe available.

    Over 1,200 breweries around the U.S. answered the call, including Atlas Brew Works in DC. Justin Cox (Founder & CEO) returns to the show to talk about the execution of the project. Bill Debaun (Co-Editor of also returns to discuss why so many brewers are compelled to give back to their communities.

    It's a feel-good kind of day.

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    Think Beer, Drink Beer

    Beer journalist, John Holl is in town for a beer panel at Solid State Books tonight! He stopped by the studio to talk about his new book, "Think Beer, Drink Beer." While sipping Sierra Nevada Pale Ale we manage to cover beer trends, nerds, the ever-changing beer world, and fit in a few rants.

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    Homebrew on the Hill

    The practice of homebrewing was federally legalized in 1978 and from there, the world of independent craft beer was born. In an effort to spread the joy of homebrewing and in turn craft beer, John Moorhead (American Homebrewers Association National Homebrew Competition Director) and Katie Marisic (Federal Affairs Manager for the Brewers Association) come by to explain the exciting competition they have just completed on Capitol Hill. That's right, for the third year now there is a Capitol Hill Staff Homebrew Competition, where anyone who is employed on the Hill can enter. Check out this week's episode to hear why they do it, how it went, and other beer ramblings.

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    Opening a Brewery

    Opening anything is like giving birth: painful, surprising, and messy. Brett Robison and Christian Layke come by to chat about their final push in opening their brewery in Silver Spring Maryland: Silver Branch Brewing Co. We also talk about some winter homebrew tips, dreamy beer experiences, and how to get involved in their brewery opening.

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    Thanksgiving Beer Pairings: the Journey

    Chef Kyle Bailey (Chef Owner of The Salt Line) and Mike McGarvey (Co-Founder & Head Brewer of 3 Stars Brewing Company) come by to chat beer and food pairings, specifically Thanksgiving. We go through the whole meal, giving you suggestions throughout. We start with what to drink while everyone stands around awkwardly, making small talk, and carry you right on through to when people dip into politics and you need something to balance the fattiness of the sides and the rampant racism of your uncle. We get into some food as well! Eels (veal eels), Caul fat (fat cape), and apple pie sandos (with cheese). Happy Thanksgiving folks!

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    Brewing on Chincoteague Island

    Sustainability, producing local beer, yeast wrangling, and wild ponies all get tackled in today's episode. Josh Chapman, co-founder and head brewer of Black Narrows Brewing Co. comes by to chat about opening a brewery in Chincoteague, Virginia; among other beer musings.

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    Beer History: Ancient World

    Today we talk about a new study published in the Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports. Li Liu, a professor of Chinese archaeology at Stanford University, and her team analyzed traces from stone mortars dating back some 13,000 years from a cave in Israel. They certainly made some interesting discoveries. Nick "The Baltimore Beer Trekker" Nichols, who teaches beer history & appreciation enrichment classes at Johns Hopkins University and Howard Community College comes by to chat about the beer in the ancient world and Sarah Jane shares a Finnish beer appreciation poem. If you take away anything from this episode: there is so much about beer history that is being updated, generalizations are being specified, and myths are getting separated from facts. Stay current with your beer history knowledge!

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    Beer & Restaurant Collaborations

    Full house today on Beer Me! Chef Mikey Friedman, the man behind The Red Hen & both All-Purpose locations, Co-Founder & CEO of DC Brau Brandon Skall, and Mari Rodela Chief Community & Culture Officer of DC Brau all come in to chat about what it takes to do a beer and restaurant collaboration. Chef Mikey dives into his joys of pairing beer with food and we get to try DC Brau's latest releases. Special appearance made by Full Service Radio Industry Night Co-host Nycci Nellis (also creator of "The List Are You On It?" and co-host of "Foodie & the Beast").

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    Union Craft Brewing: Baltimore, Cask Ninja, IPAs

    Kevin Blodger, Co-Founder & Director of Brewing Operations and Lynn Pronobis Operations Manager & Cask Ninja from Union Craft Brewing in Baltimore come down to DC to chat. We get really nerdy on cask flavor development, pine for the days of "regular IPAs", and discuss some exciting developments for Union.

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    Why are beer festivals important? What makes for a good one? How is it executed? Managing Partner & Beer Director, Greg Engert of DC's Neighborhood Restaurant Group breaks down the answers to these questions. He also shares exciting updates about the Snallygaster Beer Festival this Saturday in DC. There will be over 400 different beers, live music, food, and all ticket sales benefit the Arcadia Center for Sustainable Food & Agriculture. Tickets are still available!

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    Allagash, A Love Letter

    Allagash, a wonderful brewery in Portland, Maine founded in 1995 by Rob Tod. Matt Pollard is responsible for Allagash Field Sales for DC and Maryland and comes by to chat all things Allagash: new beer releases, Allagash White in a can (!), visiting the brewery, and the culture of the brewery. We do an accidental advertisement for visiting Portland, Maine and go off topic with DC beer events, but that's to be expected.

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    Aslin Beer Company Anniversary Party

    To celebrate their 3rd year anniversary Aslin threw an epic beer festival with over 60 brewers coming from all over the US, Canada, and Denmark. Beer Me got the chance to chat with a few of the brewers and hear some great stories.

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    Cask beer: real deal on real ale

    We have skimmed the surface with Cask Ale here on Beer Me Radio, but today we take a deep dive with Dan Kopman, CEO of Heavy Seas Beer; which has one of the most impressive cask ale programs in the US.

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    Christian Heurich, DC Beer History, and Pre-Prohibition Lagers

    DC residents are incredibly spoiled. There are so many museums and richly historic sites that forever languish on DC resident's bucket lists. The Heurich House Museum is a must visit! Kim Bender, the executive director of the museum comes by to chat about DC beer history, The Heurich house, the interesting man Christian Heurich was, and other beer tangents.

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    Dacha Beer Garden: that happy place

    Dacha Beer Garden in the Shaw neighborhood of DC is on the brink of celebrating their five year anniversary and Oktoberfest. Co-Founder, Dmitri Chekaldin comes by to talk about all things Dacha; from opening day, #dogsofdacha, and their new location. Of Course, Oktoberfest is right around the corner, and Dacha has big plans for their celebration. O'zapft is!

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    How 'bout them Apples: ANXO Cidery

    Kicking off DC Beer Week with, that's right, a cider show! Sam Fitz, co-founder of ANXO Cidery comes by chat about cider 101, the proper way to taste cider, American Cider identity, and where to drink ANXO cider.

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    DC Beer Week!

    Get ready DC! August 19 - 26 our city will be celebrating our 10th annual DC Beer Week. Everyone is invited and Beer Me is getting the skinny on the events you can't miss. Tune in to plan your DC Beer Week right!

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    Another Side of Beer Sales: What's Next?

    Chris Banich was the Mid-Atlantic Sales Manager for Avery Brewing Co. in Boulder, Co. He comes by to talk about what it's like to represent a single beer brand, and what happens when a brewery needs to downsize. He also suggests some excellent breweries to check out in the DC area.

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    Denizens Brewing Company

    This week on Beer Me we talk politics, diversity in beer, and brewery expansion with Julie Verratti, the co-founder of Denizens Brewing Company in Silver Spring, Maryland.

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    American Beer History with Theresa McCulla

    Theresa McCulla is the historian of the American Brewing Initiative at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History. Her research focuses on the history of brewing, the beer industry, and Craft Brewers in America. Listen in to hear about new stories and artifacts she has collected!

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    Crosby Hop Farm at The Craft Brewers Conference Mini-episode

    During the Craft Brewers Conference in Nashville this year, Beer Me got to sit down with Crosby Hop Farms. Zak Schroerlucke, the marketing specialist, describes the 5th generation hop farm out of Woodburn, Organ and how brewers make their hop selections.

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    DC Brews Fights Back

    June 30, is teamed up with Helping Oppressed Peoples Survive (HOPS) to organize the local beer community with “1 Dollar, 1 Call, 1 Purpose” in support of #FamiliesBelongTogether. Organizers of the event Bill Dubaun & Aaron Morrissey (, and Matthew "Heff" Heffernan (HOPS) swing by the stuido to discuss the event and how a brewing community got involved in the cause.

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    Connecting with Guests

    D.C. and NYC come together in this exciting new episode! Colleen Gillespie (Assistant General Manager of The Boundary Stone) makes a triumphant return to the show and Kathrine Kyle (General Manager of The Blind Tiger) calls in from NYC to discuss Cornell’s 2nd Annual Craft Beer Roundtable from this past May. We discuss staff & guest education, food & beer pairing, and growing interest in craft beer.

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    Adventures from the Expo Floor

    A major part of the Craft Brewers Conference is Brew Expo America, the largest Beer focused trade show in the U.S. While exploring the MASSIVE show, I got to chat with a few people. These interviews are from wildly different parts of the Beer world, which is what we here at Beer Me are all about!

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    Craft Brewers Conference with Ray Daniels of the Cicerone Certification Program

    This week’s show is a pre-recorded interview at the Craft Brewers Conference in Nashville this past May, with Ray Daniels. He is the founder and director of the Cicerone Certification Program. In this interview he tells the story of how and why the cicerone program was founded, he also takes us through the decision making process that lead to another level within the cicerone examination, the advanced level.

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    D.C. Beer History

    Mike Stein, of Lost Lagers and DC Brau, comes by to chat about D.C. beer history, including D.C.'s first Lager! Lost Lagers also has a class coming up at the Hill Center this weekend, check out this new episode for more information.

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    Brewers Association Exclusive

    Bob Pease, President and CEO of the Brewers Association is in the studio this week to talk about SAVOR, the annual BA Hill Climb, and a fun re-cap on the Craft Brewers Conference earlier this month in Nashville!

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    Aslin Beer Co.

    Co-founders of Aslin Beer Co. in Herndon, VA Andrew Kelly and Kai Leskowicz come in to chat about their never ending love of hazy New England IPAs, the ups and downs of owning a brewery, and their pop-up near Nationals Stadium. Warning: you might have to shot-gun a beer at the end of the episode.

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    Buying Beer?

    Erika Goedrich owner of The Craft Beer Cellar on H Street Northeast is joined by Grant Vaught, beer collector, man about town to talk about buying beer. What to look for when buying beer, how to store your beer, and how to age beer (Meryl Streep style - gracefully)

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    Mental Health in Breweries & Restaurants

    This episode is for anyone in the food service industry or for anyone who knows someone in the industry. Today we take on the challenging subject of mental health support for food service professionals. Josh Kemp of The Brewer's Table in Austin, TX calls in to share his story and how he is supporting his staff.

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    Fresh outta Queens: Singlecut Brewery

    Dan Bronsen, General Manager of Singlecut Beersmiths (Astoia, Queens) calls in live from the Craft Brewer's Conference in Nashville to talk about their brewery, why you should appreciate pilsners more, and hop terrior. Also, where can you find Singlecut IPAs in the D.C. area? We give you the scoop!

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    Beer Books and Travel

    Lucy Burningham, Author of "My Beer Year" long distance chats with us from Portland. OR about her book, beer travels, and studying for the Cicerone exam.

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    Beer and Food Pairings with Adam Dulye

    Adam Dulye came by to chat about SAVOR (tickets on sale now, June 1+2, right here in D.C.), a recent beer dinner in Paris, and his new book: "The Beer Pantry"

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    A New Brewery in the DMV

    Brett Robinson joins us to talk about "Sliver Branch" the soon-to-be new brewery opening in Silver Spring. We will also cover important things like waxing poetically about cask ale and pilsners.

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    Demystifying Beer Sales Representatives

    This week we are joined by Sam from Legends Ltd. and Ben from Denizens Brewing Co. to talk beer sales. What do beer reps do? What is it like suppling all the fine establishment in the DMV area?

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    Grant Vaught and Aaron Morrissey, DC Beer

    Grant Vaught, beer collector, former bartender and Aaron Morrissey, staff writer come in to chat about Trump's steel and aluminum tariffs, beer label design, and making the craft beer world more inclusive.

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    The Cicerone Exam

    This week we discuss The Certified Cicerone exam, what it is, what it takes to studty for it, and most importantly: is it worth it.

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    Event Coverage: Engine House No. 9 Debut

    Listen to special event coverage of the East Coast debut of Engine House No. 9 Brewing Co. out of Tacoma, Washington. Beer Me, sits down with Brewer, Donovan Stewart, Carl Crafts, from Shelton Brothers Inc., and Jeff Mellow, yeast wrangler.

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    DC Homebrewers Club

    This week we are discussing the ins and outs of homebrewing, how to get started, tips for the seasoned pros, DC homebrewing events, and some homebrewing war stories.

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    Greg Engert of Neighborhood Restaurant Group

    Beer director of Neighborhood Restaurant Group Greg Engert comes by to chat about the ins and outs of designing a beer list, beer pairings, and favorite beer travel destinations.

    Sponsored by:

    This episode is supported by Compass, the future of real estate in the Metro DC Area and beyond. Discover it at

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    Teaching Beer with Doug Miller

    Getting people to take beer seriously is difficult, what it is like to teach beer at Cornell University. What are students excited about? What are some career options students have in beer? Tune in to this week's episode of Beer Me with guest Doug Miller of Cornell University and find out!

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    Justin Cox: Atlas Brew Works

    Breweries are vital to community growth. Justin Cox of Atlas Brew Works will discuss how they have embraced the local community and how they give back.

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    Beer Bars in D.C.: How They're Run

    Colleen Gillespie of Boundary Stone sits down to talk about running a beer bar and beverage program. We talk about some fun, upcoming beer events, and what it takes to give good beer service.

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    Beer Me: Right Proper

    This week on Beer Me! , Sarah Jane chats with Thor Cheston, co-founder of Right Proper Brewing Company in Washington, DC.

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    Debut Episode! Katherine “Katie” Marisic, Federal Affairs Manager at the Brewers Association

    Welcome to the debut episode of Beer Me! Host Sarah Jane Curran is joined by Katherine “Katie” Marisic, Federal Affairs Manager at the Brewers Association, the not-for-profit trade association dedicated to small and independent American craft brewers. Based in Washington, D.C. Marisic plans and executes legislative, regulatory and political strategies to drive the Brewers Association’s federal affairs presence on Capitol Hill.

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