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Come join Sarah Jane Curran every week for an exploration of the beer world. Anything and everything in the beer industry is up for discussion. This will be a guest driven show from brewers, importers, distributors, servers, homebrewers, beer writers, and experts. We will explore everything this exciting and eclectic beer world has to offer.

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    Maine Beer

    For this week Beer Me is recorded in Portland, Maine - specifically at Maine Beer Co. We chat with their marketing & events manager, Anne Marisic. She discusses what it means to work for a company whose motto is "do what's right" and how that translates to the beer, expansions, and employee care. Part of the new renovation is a space for a sensory evaluation, which sparked a dive into tasting and evaluating beer.

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    Homebrewing Competitions

    History is in the making. Pizza Paradiso, DC Brau, and DC Homebrew Club are joining forces to host a homebrewer competition at the Georgetown location of Pizza Paradiso. The winner will get to brew their beer at DC Brau and have it served at every Pizza Paradiso location (now 5!). Michael Stein of Lost Lagers and Drew McCormick (executive beverage director of Pizza Paradiso) are in the studio to share the inspiration and the technical explanation of this event. We also dive into what it's like to submit your beer to a homebrew competition.

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    Port City Love

    John Gartner of Port City Brewing Company and Bill DeBaun of swing by the studio to talk about our mutual love of Port City. This is a brewery that sometimes gets overlooked for how amazing they are. We get into history, the beers, competition, and new beer releases - the importance of lagers. Also, reminders for the upcoming St. Baldrick's event at Boundary Stone and The Brewer's Ball.

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    Maryland Brewing History

    Maureen O'Pray recently published a book "Beer in Maryland: A History of Breweries Since Colonial Times" and she comes by to take us through that history. We covered Maryland's first brewers, the industrial age, prohibition, and immigration. Through her research, she has uncovered some amazing stories and captured the human quality of this story.

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    Brewery Support

    Leah Cheston, co-owner/founder of Right Proper Brewing Co. in Washington, DC, comes by to chat about the importance of brewery owners coming together. She is the VP & Treasurer of the DC Brewers Guild (a non-profit trade organization that supports DC Brewers). She is also one of the newest members of the Brewers Association board of directors (another non-profit trade organization advocating for brewery owner rights). The beer world is a supportive community, and Leah explains how that happens and why it is so important.

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    Government Shutdown & Beer: Twitter Edition

    The partial government shutdown includes the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB). This is highly problematic for breweries as they need to get label and formula approval for new beers from the TTB. Not to mention make tax payments and file other operation reports. Prairie Artisan Ales out of Oklahoma tweeted about this on January 6th - and as you would imagine, got a deluge of varying responses. Wade and Cody from Prarie call in to talk about the shutdown and managing social media for a brewery.

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    A Day of Firsts

    To kick off the season, and the year, we are celebrating diversity in beer, community, and firsts. Beer historian and author, Micheal Stein, is welcomed back on the show to talk about DC brewery firsts - including DC's first female-owned brewery, first 100% gay-owned brewery, and first African American-owned brewery. Thankfully, diversity is growing in craft beer, let's keep it going.

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    The Festival 2018, presented by Shelton Brothers

    In October we got the chance to cover this small, but mighty beer festival in Denver. Shelton Brothers Importers throws this festival every year, and in their words: "You’d have to spend months and countless dollars for a chance to meet this many world-class brewers." Listen in to hear a collection of interviews with brewers from Scotland, Canada, US, Tasmania, Germany, Belgium, Mexico, England, Switzerland, and Jordan.

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    Beer Me, Bro

    Sarah Jane gathers some of her favorite people to drink beer and talk beer. Abit of a departure from our normal show, but we manage to cover growth in the industry, local beer, beer with adjuncts, collecting beer, contract brewing, and sample some pretty great brews.

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    Resilience IPA

    Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. recently brewed Resilience ""Butte County Proud"" IPA, all profits from this beer will go to assist the victims of the Camp Fire in Northern California. Sierra Nevada put out a call for breweries around the country to do the same, making donated ingredients and the recipe available.

    Over 1,200 breweries around the U.S. answered the call, including Atlas Brew Works in DC. Justin Cox (Founder & CEO) returns to the show to talk about the execution of the project. Bill Debaun (Co-Editor of also returns to discuss why so many brewers are compelled to give back to their communities.

    It's a feel-good kind of day.

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