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Come join Sarah Jane Curran every week for an exploration of the beer world. Anything and everything in the beer industry is up for discussion. This will be a guest driven show from brewers, importers, distributors, servers, homebrewers, beer writers, and experts. We will explore everything this exciting and eclectic beer world has to offer.

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    Allagash, A Love Letter

    Allagash, a wonderful brewery in Portland, Maine founded in 1995 by Rob Tod. Matt Pollard is responsible for Allagash Field Sales for DC and Maryland and comes by to chat all things Allagash: new beer releases, Allagash White in a can (!), visiting the brewery, and the culture of the brewery. We do an accidental advertisement for visiting Portland, Maine and go off topic with DC beer events, but that's to be expected.

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    Aslin Beer Company Anniversary Party

    To celebrate their 3rd year anniversary Aslin threw an epic beer festival with over 60 brewers coming from all over the US, Canada, and Denmark. Beer Me got the chance to chat with a few of the brewers and hear some great stories.

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    Cask beer: real deal on real ale

    We have skimmed the surface with Cask Ale here on Beer Me Radio, but today we take a deep dive with Dan Kopman, CEO of Heavy Seas Beer; which has one of the most impressive cask ale programs in the US.

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    Christian Heurich, DC Beer History, and Pre-Prohibition Lagers

    DC residents are incredibly spoiled. There are so many museums and richly historic sites that forever languish on DC resident's bucket lists. The Heurich House Museum is a must visit! Kim Bender, the executive director of the museum comes by to chat about DC beer history, The Heurich house, the interesting man Christian Heurich was, and other beer tangents.

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    Dacha Beer Garden: that happy place

    Dacha Beer Garden in the Shaw neighborhood of DC is on the brink of celebrating their five year anniversary and Oktoberfest. Co-Founder, Dmitri Chekaldin comes by to talk about all things Dacha; from opening day, #dogsofdacha, and their new location. Of Course, Oktoberfest is right around the corner, and Dacha has big plans for their celebration. O'zapft is!

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    How 'bout them Apples: ANXO Cidery

    Kicking off DC Beer Week with, that's right, a cider show! Sam Fitz, co-founder of ANXO Cidery comes by chat about cider 101, the proper way to taste cider, American Cider identity, and where to drink ANXO cider.

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    DC Beer Week!

    Get ready DC! August 19 - 26 our city will be celebrating our 10th annual DC Beer Week. Everyone is invited and Beer Me is getting the skinny on the events you can't miss. Tune in to plan your DC Beer Week right!

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    Another Side of Beer Sales: What's Next?

    Chris Banich was the Mid-Atlantic Sales Manager for Avery Brewing Co. in Boulder, Co. He comes by to talk about what it's like to represent a single beer brand, and what happens when a brewery needs to downsize. He also suggests some excellent breweries to check out in the DC area.

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    Denizens Brewing Company

    This week on Beer Me we talk politics, diversity in beer, and brewery expansion with Julie Verratti, the co-founder of Denizens Brewing Company in Silver Spring, Maryland.

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    American Beer History with Theresa McCulla

    Theresa McCulla is the historian of the American Brewing Initiative at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History. Her research focuses on the history of brewing, the beer industry, and Craft Brewers in America. Listen in to hear about new stories and artifacts she has collected!

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