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Come join Sarah Jane Curran every week for an exploration of the beer world. Anything and everything in the beer industry is up for discussion. This will be a guest driven show from brewers, importers, distributors, servers, homebrewers, beer writers, and experts. We will explore everything this exciting and eclectic beer world has to offer.

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    D.C. Beer History

    Mike Stein, of Lost Lagers and DC Brau, comes by to chat about D.C. beer history, including D.C.'s first Lager! Lost Lagers also has a class coming up at the Hill Center this weekend, check out this new episode for more information.

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    Brewers Association Exclusive

    Bob Pease, President and CEO of the Brewers Association is in the studio this week to talk about SAVOR, the annual BA Hill Climb, and a fun re-cap on the Craft Brewers Conference earlier this month in Nashville!

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    Aslin Beer Co.

    Co-founders of Aslin Beer Co. in Herndon, VA Andrew Kelly and Kai Leskowicz come in to chat about their never ending love of hazy New England IPAs, the ups and downs of owning a brewery, and their pop-up near Nationals Stadium. Warning: you might have to shot-gun a beer at the end of the episode.

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    Buying Beer?

    Erika Goedrich owner of The Craft Beer Cellar on H Street Northeast is joined by Grant Vaught, beer collector, man about town to talk about buying beer. What to look for when buying beer, how to store your beer, and how to age beer (Meryl Streep style - gracefully)

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    Mental Health in Breweries & Restaurants

    This episode is for anyone in the food service industry or for anyone who knows someone in the industry. Today we take on the challenging subject of mental health support for food service professionals. Josh Kemp of The Brewer's Table in Austin, TX calls in to share his story and how he is supporting his staff.

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    Fresh outta Queens: Singlecut Brewery

    Dan Bronsen, General Manager of Singlecut Beersmiths (Astoia, Queens) calls in live from the Craft Brewer's Conference in Nashville to talk about their brewery, why you should appreciate pilsners more, and hop terrior. Also, where can you find Singlecut IPAs in the D.C. area? We give you the scoop!

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    Beer Books and Travel

    Lucy Burningham, Author of "My Beer Year" long distance chats with us from Portland. OR about her book, beer travels, and studying for the Cicerone exam.

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    Beer and Food Pairings with Adam Dulye

    Adam Dulye came by to chat about SAVOR (tickets on sale now, June 1+2, right here in D.C.), a recent beer dinner in Paris, and his new book: "The Beer Pantry"

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    A New Brewery in the DMV

    Brett Robinson joins us to talk about "Sliver Branch" the soon-to-be new brewery opening in Silver Spring. We will also cover important things like waxing poetically about cask ale and pilsners.

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    Demystifying Beer Sales Representatives

    This week we are joined by Sam from Legends Ltd. and Ben from Denizens Brewing Co. to talk beer sales. What do beer reps do? What is it like suppling all the fine establishment in the DMV area?

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